Photo : Bob Oliver with 2 of his grandchildren 



Liz of Greenstrings Music has known Bob and his family now for several years and Liz has always admired his "down to earth" approach to life.  If you need something done - Bob's your man! 

Here is what he says about himself :-

"I have retired from the Scientific Civil Service and now work part-time as an Office Manager with a computer software house in Ednburgh, UK producing word predictor programmes to help disabled and dyslexic people write more easily.

I'm married with 2 grown up children who have flown the nest and have 3 grandchildren who inspire me to put my thoughts and feelings into words and music.

Apart from family and music, my other hobbies include DIY, gardening, walking, caravanning and following the results of the Scottish rugby team. The latter drives me to drink - preferably dark rum and lemonade".

Bob has a wide experience of working within the community having been a member of the local Community Council (Haddington), a Group Scout Leader (Haddington - and still appears to help at fund raisers - and a President of East Linton Bowling Club.

They say if you need a job done give it to a busy person - and Liz thinks Bob amplifies that well!


Here's a couple of tasters from Bob Oliver's unique songs


Excerpt from "The Parallel Millionaire"

                (Verses 3 & 4 only)

They drive to the country to find a retreat

And eventually arrive at the family seat.

Then all of a sudden the truth she did find

The things that went on were all in his mind.


The house was a semi, the car was a Ford

The rest was all lies and now she was bored.

He has a few drinks and the truth was laid bare

He has the life of a Parallel Millionaire.

            (c.2011 Bob Oliver)



          (Verses 1 & 2 only)

Neil is the one who goes round the coast

Just to show off, he knows more than most.

Jamie the Chef is a bit of a toff

And me, I'm the one you've never heard of.


King Oliver was around about a century ago

He's the one who discovered Satchmo

Louis Armstrong's trumpet was used in the band

Being so loud, at the back he did stand.

   (c.2011 Bob Oliver)