Students and friends of Greenstrings Music at the Charity Concert for MMT (The Moorland Mousie Trust). 



                                     Photographs by D H Smith Photography .co.uk


Opposite : Juliet Rogers, Chairman of
The  Moorland Mousie Trust,
 being presented with a posy of flowers by Erin

Holly & Heather presenting Liz of Greenstrings Music with flowers at the end of the Charity Concert for MMT

Holly & Heather also wrote an award-winning song which can be seen at



Greenstrings musicians in rehearsals

Greenstrings musicians
 in performance
with Bruce & Juliet of
 "Spirit of Love"  (foreground)

Pony Snow Time on Traprain.

Bob & Midnight say :
 Us Exmoor  ponies are  clever because we grow our own beautiful winter coats. Snow Time on Traprain is like a day in Spring to us!

A message from Bob & Midnight:

"This pink bucket is a pony's way of asking for a donation to our home called The Moorland Mousie Trust. We do our best to make everyone happy who see us on Traprain but our kind are an endangered species and every donation helps our species to continue. 

Liz at Greenstrings Music says we are a great inspiration to all who see us and bring calmness to the human Mind. 

Can you hear my pal Midnight and me shaking our pink bucket to you politely asking for a little help for our friends?.....

Here's the link you need to use to see more of our photos and give a donation if you feel able to do so.

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             Liz Mercer of

        Greenstrings Music


David Hamilton-Smith

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