The Power of Words when combined with Music

March 15, 2012


March 15, 2012
Hi everyone

Here's a true story that happened recently.

A short while ago I was teaching a child who had been having troubles at school that day. They turned up for their lesson pretty g r u m p y........! instead of talking to the child I decided to instead play one of John Denver's songs to them - so I putt he CD on and there was inspirational John Denver singing "Farewell Andromeda" which starts :-

"Welcome to my morning
Welcome to my day
For making it just this way" ...... John Denver

I stopped the song after that part - and then played it to the child again. Then I asked the child "what do you think John Denver meant by those words"? The child was laughing by now and said something like "well, he's saying that its up to me what I make out of each day - I can choose to be grumpy or I can choose to be happy!" - I then I shared the song with his mother later and together they shared the song as they went home...... the little boy's thinking was transformed through John Denver's song......

HOWEVER, later that week I had another child arrive feeling a bit "down" from a bad day at school. So I decided to try the same song again. However, THIS TIME - I just read the words out to the child. It had very little impact...... So then I played the actual CD to the child - and the same great reaction came through as I had seen from the first child. This child also immediately understood what John Denver's message was saying - and the child was smiling, looking relaxed, and concentrated well on their music lesson with me......

Try this idea out for yourself - linguistics is a very powerful tool - BUT combine linguistics with music and it becomes a massively powerful tool...... John Denver's song has planted a wonderful new Seed of Transformation for those two children - and it didn't take any time, effort or money - just some creative thinking......

I bet John Denver was smiling down upon us as well ......!

Lfe is such a precious Gift - we all have "struggles" to work through whether we are rich or poor - but our "load" becomes lighter if we continue to allow our focus to stay positive. Thats not always an easy thing to do is it - but with John Denver's help for these 2 children it was possible - and it is for YOU as well...

Much happiness - Liz - Panetta Healing


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